So, we hope the little preview yesterday went down well with most, if not all of you….BUT, we know that some of you have managed to see the new website already. This is not because we favoured anyone, but because there are master hackers!… Ok, so they weren’t hackers, just that we laxed a little, BUT, they still saw it nonetheless…..yes, we know who you are….and we’re gonna get you…..*evil laugh*

For those of you who managed to see it, help us to keep it under OSA (Official Secrets Act) ok? We will disclose everything on Monday. For real… no jokes, no more suspense, no more waiting….cross our hearts and hope you die.. erm… sorry, we die…..=)

It’s just a few more days so that we’ll have time to finish the website, tie up the loose ends and then fix all the bugs (if we can!) and then you guys will like the end product…. PLEASE? heheh…

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