Wanna know about blatant’s new website? We can’t really tell you everything about the new website, but we can afford to spill some beans… =)

The most obvious, which was actually recorded in our post on April 8th (after the long silence) is that there will be a totally new colour scheme. We can’t reveal too much about the colour scheme cause that would be letting the entire cat out of the bag already…but it’s definitely gonna be a lot brighter. And yes, the words won’t be white.

It’s not just aesthetic value that we’ve been working to improve on. With loads of help from a certain Moses Francis, we’ll be adding new features to the website, the most notable being RSS feeds. This will allow all of you to be notified every time there’s a new post. You won’t have to keep checking every once in a while. If you don’t know what RSS feeds are, do go and check it out, because it’s gonna be mighty useful. Again, the other features will be kept under wraps until launch day….

The last thing that we can reveal about the new website is that there will be a FREE t-shirt giveaway sometime soon after the launch of the new website. We will be organising a little competition where you, yes you, will be able to win blatant t-shirts for free!! We’ll even pay for your delivery fee if you’re located outside Malaysia!

We’ve spilled about as much beans as we possibly can without giving away too much… but hopefully you guys (and gals) are as excited as we are about this…. it’s only a few days more… but just before we go, here’s a little peek at the new website….

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