After all the huffing and puffing, and still not recovered and rested properly, we have uploaded the photos that we took during the HUGE camp in Taiping last week. It sure feels like it just happened yesterday!

You can view the photo gallery via the page links given above. You can’t miss it….. right? Ok ok, if you can’t find it (or you’re too lazy to even try), you can also click here

We do apologise as the photos were supposed to be completed over the weekend, but there were yet more orders to be delivered and we also opened another mini booth in PJ. Not forgetting that last weekend for the grand slam weekend for football lovers where arsenal played chelsea while united played liverpool. I won’t go into details about the grand slam weekend (we can talk about it via blatantSpeak!!… heheh), but all that pretty much did us in for the weekend.

Coming back to the pictures, we would like to thank all those who allowed themselves to be photographed candidly and being sporting enough to allow us to post it under the photo gallery. It was really tiring, but it was worth every minute of it!

We’re thankful for the safe journey to and fro, and for the friends that we’ve made during our time there. We can’t wait for the next big conference to come along.. bring it on!!

For now, it’s time for some really badly needed shut eye…. zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzz

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