Well, we just came back from a roadshow all the way in Taiping, Perak last night @ 2.00am. Yes, you read it right…. 2.00am. Anyways, we were in Taiping for a youth camp called HUGE. they were definitely huge alright, cause they singlehanded bought the entire “dead santa” design!!! And they still came back asking whether there was a possiblity of a reprint, which unfortunately, we can’t do because of the time constraints.

But don’t worry, we will be coming out with the 2008 designs fairly soon. We are currently ironing out some nitty gritty stuff before these new designs are out, so please, be patient with us because we are trying our best!

PS - A BIG, BIG thank to all those who very sportingly posed with the designs that they bought for us when we had the booth open. We are working on getting the photos uploaded and ready, and hopefully by the weekend, the photo gallery will be up, and all our “models” will be seen there, showing off their brand new blatant tees! Stay tuned…..

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